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About Alli Kiyoko


When I moved to San Diego in 2019 to attend college at the University of San Diego, I felt lost, and missed the camaraderie of team sports until I discovered group fitness. I was buzzing immediately after my first SoulCycle class, and the electric classroom energy and lingering echo of the feel-good music carried with me throughout the day. I was addicted to trying new boutique fitness studios all around the city, and quickly became immersed in the San Diego fitness community, working at an array of different studios from yoga to bootcamp. These spaces left me feeling invigorated and motivated to be my best self, which definitely helped my anxiety and depression. 

From the moment I taught my first yoga class to five sleepy strangers at six a.m. on a Monday, I knew I wanted to educate and empower others to through this modality of fitness. As a young athlete, I always knew my passions for health and fitness extend far beyond the court or gym, and my purpose is to help others uncover their inner strength and develop confidence. I finally found a space of inclusivity and non-competitive fitness that I had been searching for where I found my voice.

My signature yoga and sculpt classes are infused with creative transitions and rejuvenating alignment cues to help clients build a strong athletic foundation, and fall in love with movement along the way. I am known for my high energy, creativity, and 

creating a heart-opening experience that leaves clients feeling ready to step into their strongest selves. I truly believe that the real work of healing starts from within, and focus coaching confidence to transform the mental landscape along with a proper nutrition and training program.

My hope is that my passion for health (including all things food related) will emanate inspiration through this platform. You can book me for group yoga/sculpt/pilates experiences, personal training sessions (including nutrition education), and at the studios I teach at around the city. On the blog are some of my favorite recipes and health hacks, so kick back, whisk yourself a matcha, and enjoy browsing my site!

200 HR-RYT CorePower Yoga| Yoga Sculpt | Classical Mat Pilates -SALT Hot Pilates| SPIN indoor cycling | BodyRok Pilates

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